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Kudos, Toronto: $27,819.41 and counting!

Each and every person involved in this past weekend’s Toronto Bakes for Japan charity event should be well pleased with their efforts: to date, the tally of monies earned sits at  $27,819.41. And the counting hasn’t quite finished.

My contribution included some prettily packaged Chocolate Chip Banana Mini Muffins & Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies for the Liberty Noodle location. I enticed LX into helping me cart everything over with the promise of tasty confections that I’d buy, in return, for us to take home and enjoy. My not-so-clever ruse – while entirely transparent – worked like a charm and I attained some hired help for free.

After treating ourselves to a coffee at Balzac’s, across the street, we wandered back to check out the sale once things got underway at 11am. Not surprisingly, LX instantly zeroed in on some Bacon Buttermilk Tea Biscuits.  I lost my heart to a Green Tea Cupcake and a single-serve Not Your Momma’s PB & J Pie. I know. I made the Cupcake my brunch. The PB & J Pie? I needed alone time for that: I did an extra workout and set aside a substantial chunk of my daily calories for that bad boy. And, no – I didn’t share.

Day One (Saturday) saw glorious weather and over $5 grand raised at just the Brickworks location, alone.

And while the weather was less than agreeable for Day Two on Sunday (seriously, Mother Nature – you couldn’t give us this one?) it didn’t seem to stop hordes of folks from coming out in droves to satisfy their sweet tooth. In fact, Liberty Noodle & the Rivoli had such a turnout that they decided to extend both end times until everyone and everything was gone.

That’s dedication. The weather, as it turned out, agreed and the thundershowers cleared up and gave way to a bright, sunny afternoon.

Kudos to Heena & Niya and everyone else who gave up free time & mad skills to make this event such a resounding success!

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Arizona Lily: Get Yer Good Friday Groove On!

If you’re in Toronto next Friday (or you have a hankerin’ to visit for the long weekend), then do yourself a favour and head out to Rancho Relaxo for some blisterin’ hot live music!

Arizona Lily will be on stage – and if you haven’t seen this band live, yet, you’re missing out. Their southern-fried Gypsy rock is a sound unlike any you’ve yet to hear. But don’t just take my word for it – check out this live (unedited) recording & judge for yourself:

The show gets underway at 9pm with the Jilted Lovers Club (it’s their debut at Rancho, as well, so come out and make ’em feel welcome!) and Hamilton’s Gruve will close out the evening.

But it’s Arizona Lily (Rhonda: guitar/lead vocals; Jess: bass & vocals; and Luis who will be celebrating his birthday – on drums!) who sit smack in the middle of the set. And you won’t want to miss this trio of hot, twangy alt-rock awesomeness… trust me!

What: Arizona Lily (with the Jilted Lovers Club & Gruve)
When: Friday, April 22 | 9pm
Where: Rancho Relaxo | 300 College St. Toronto
Cost: a mere $6 at the door!



Weezie’s Reading Roundup: March 2011

Well, March certainly was in and out of here quicker than it should have been. And, given the crap weather it brought with it, I say Good Riddance! Weather aside, it was also a busy month, and I only managed to get through two books (seriously – how sad is that? TWO!) Thankfully, though, both were outstanding and well worth the limited time I did manage to find.

Necroscope II: Wamphyri
By Brian Lumley
(Mass Market Paperbound)

Harry Keogh died at the end of Necroscope, Brian Lumley’s first novel in this series of 16. Or did he? See there’s this metaphysical plane of existence called the Mobius Continuum & he may actually still exist there; or in the subconscious of his unborn child. Confused yet? That’s a perfectly natural response. But if you were to pick up this book, you’d be able to set yourself straight (I would recommend reading the first one, though, before diving in here.)  With more vampires, more dead folk, more resurrections & more mayhem, Necroscope II: Whampyri picks up right where the action of Necroscope left you dangling. And the action doesn’t let up – ever.  Much like the first in this series, this novel is just pure unadulterated horror & gore. In other words: this book is FUN!

Oryx & Crake
By Margaret Atwood
(Knopf Canada)

I want to be Margaret Atwood when I grow up. It’s true. And I can live with the fact that said aspirations are unattainable – as long as she never stops writing. Happily, the only thing I knew about Oryx & Crake (which was a Kobo giveaway that I’d gotten hold of over the Christmas holidays) was that it was the first in a series. Sometimes diving in with no preconceptions leads to the most delightful of discoveries. This was certainly one of those instances. Oryx & Crake takes place in an undefined future with flashbacks to a past that is also not clearly defined; we’re introduced to Snowman – who leads us through his version of a dystopian society that has gone through some sort of apocalyptic happenstance. We know that science, technology & extreme commercialization has definitely played a big part in the destruction of this society, but the exact events aren’t revealed right away. And when they are… wow! Atwood’s gift for speculative fiction is unparalleled, in my opinion; it forever balances on the precipice of becoming science fiction… without ever toppling over. Needless to say, I’ve already added The Year of the Flood (her 2009 sequel) to my Kobo library and will be eagerly anticipating publication of the next in the MaddAddam Trilogy.



What are YOU doing this weekend?

I’ll be whipping up several dozen prettily packaged bits of yum to be put on offer at Toronto Bakes For Japan; so it’d be fantabulous if you could drop by and stroke my ego a tiny bit by making a donation in return for the privilege of taking one of them home with you!

If you can’t drop by either the Saturday (April 9) or Sunday (April 10) event, then you can still help out by donating online in the form of cold, hard cash.  The process is simple & secure and all donations will go directly toward the total amount collected from the bake sale.

You don’t have to be from Toronto, either. You just have to be generous.