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written by LaWeez

In my travels around the interwebz, I’ve come across a multitude of things that are just plain spiffy. One of spiffiest was a site/product called Birchbox. Described as a smart, streamlined, and fun way to try and buy high-end beauty products, Birchbox is essentially a subscription that allows you to try out beauty products before shelling out the big bucks that they tend to cost.

Imagine my delight! But, alas, it was a short-lived thrill as, with many things online, it was only available in the U.S. Because, apparently, shipping north of the border is a hugely taxing ordeal. But I digress.

Instead of lamenting my misfortune, I instead turned to my good friend, Google. The simple phrase “Canadian version of Birchbox” brought me to the most wondrous of websites: Luxe Box by Loose Button.

Luxe Box is a monthly subscription service that allows you to try out high-end beauty products – in actual useable trial sizes. I think we can all agree that there is nothing more irritating that receiving one of the so-called trial samples from online offers or department stores that – if you’re extremely lucky – will do you one application. And the perfume samples that amount to the equivalent of a scented wet-nap are particularly charming.

I mean, we all want the high-end beauty products. But who can afford to dish out that kind of cash on something without knowing if it’s even suited to our body chemistry? Luxe Box has created something that I think most women will agree – has been a long time in the works.

Luxe Box offers monthly ($12), quarterly ($36) and yearly ($120 – which actually gives you two free boxes if you do the math) subscription plans; I signed up for the quarterly as I wanted to really get a feel for the program… but I wasn’t quite ready to commit to an entire year. Oh yeah, shipping is included. How often does that happen?

My first Luxe Box arrived this week and, I think it’s safe to say, they’ve acquired a new fan.

Behold the shiny goodness!

Yes, that IS a full-sized bottle of nail polish.

Included was:

Oh – if you sign up, tell  ’em I sent you; for every three people who do so, they’ll extend my subscription for a month… for free!


  1. Niki

    Try Glymm as well, I’ve been subscribing to both and have liked my past two glymm boxes better than my luxe box 🙂 Haha, plus I like getting TWO boxes 😉

  2. LaWeez

    Hmmm… Glymm, you say? I’m on the prowl! 🙂

  3. Lainie

    It’s funny, I was on the Loose Button Facebook page and I couldn’t get over the complaints from those that didn’t receive nail polish. I was one of those people and that certainly didn’t bother me at all. I scored the Lise Watier product and the Pro-X eye cream, as well as Calvin Klein’s Euphoria (sample eau de parfum in an atomizer AND body lotion), a foundation primer from purnaturals and Moroccan oil, which I hear is gold in a bottle. Given the subscription cost, it’s awesome! I also love that you can get discounts on some of these lines courtesy of Loose Button (there’s a discount code on their blog for purnaturals!)

  4. LaWeez

    It’s true – Moroccan Oil is liquid magic. It’s the only thing I’ve ever found that allows me to let my curly/course hair to air dry and NOT turn into a giant, frizzed-out bees nest.

  5. Wendy

    I’m so jealous of your luxe book. It seems like the ideal combination. Wish I got that Essie colour and the Chloe perfume sample!

  6. LaWeez

    I won’t lie: I really like them both. Ordinarily, I’m not big with the floral scents, but the Chloé is quite subtle. The nail polish is just fab! 😉

  7. Jasna

    There is a new service just like the luxe box and glymm called top box and its only a month old i believe i wonder which one will be the best out of the 3

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